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Buy c warp (CBD)

C Warp Kush

Strain Name: C Warp Kush

C Warp Kush, also known as Seawarp, is an evenly-balanced hybrid at 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It produces a mental and physical high that lasts longer compared to other strains.

What makes C-Warp strain a favorite of many cannabis connoisseurs is its clear and functional high, which allows you to function despite the high.

Brief History of C Warp Kush

C-Warp cannabis strain originated from Texada Island in British Columbia, Canada. This strain is a cross between Texada Timewarp and Seaweed or C-weed. However, there are some experts though that believe that this strain came from the Slocan Valley in British Columbia.

Whatever its true origin is, C-Warp Kush is a fast favorite of many.

Distinguishing Features of C Warp Kush

The buds of C-Warp Kush are dense and slightly round in shape. It is bright green in color with red and orange hairs weaving in and around the buds. White, frosty trichomes cover them in a thick layer.

Its leaves are slender in appearance and dark green in color.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of C Warp Kush

C-Warp Kush has a relatively moderate THC level at about 12%, although some reports show it can reach as high as 14%. It has a high CBD level though of about 4% to 8%.

We found no information on the levels of its other cannabinoids as well as terpenes.

Flavors and Aromas of C-Warp Kush

C Warp Kush has an earthy and woody flavor with undertones of pine and herbs. It also smells pungent and a bit sour.

It tastes about the same. It is earthy, pungent, and woody in flavor with trace hints of pine and herbs as well.

An old-school aroma and flavor, C-Warp Kush is popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

Effects of C Warp Kush

One deep hit and you will feel all your body aches and pains gently draining away, leaving your muscles relaxed and pain-free.

Pretty soon, you will begin to feel its mental high wash over you. It clears away all your stress and anxiety as well as uplifts your spirits and improves your mood.

Medical Conditions

C-Warp Kush may be used by people suffering from depression, chronic stress, and anxiety problems. This strain helps clear the mind and stabilize your mood and emotions.

This strain may also help relieve chronic pain, inflammation, joint pain, headaches, and chronic fatigue. It can also help improve muscle spasms.

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