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Banana Kush is a legendary strain of weed that has risen over the years to become one of the one hundred top most strains in the market worldwide.

The strain traces its origin to West Coast by blending Ghost OG, and Skunk Haze strains to create a potent Indica-dominant hybrid sixty percent Indica and 20 percent THC content going up to 27 percent.

It produces a body high that is uplifting, a source of joy, comfort, and laziness. As its name suggests, it takes an aroma and flavor of ripe bananas with hints of tropical fruits and tree fruit.

The strain’s bud is neon green in color with tips of bright yellow and orange making it attractive and thrilling to users. The strain’s legendary profile coupled with strong a high makes it ideal for treating various ailments, providing positive effects while eliciting adverse effects.

Banana Kush’s utilization is for various medical benefits. One, it is powerful stress relieving tool through which it provides THC component that soothes the mind and the body, clearing stressors.

Two, its potency readily helps alleviate depression by facilitating the production of dopamine hormone that alters the body system’s mood, boosting it, creating a buzz and eliminating the depression symptoms.

Three, its high Indica content relieves pain by availing pain relieving properties that empower the body to ease various types of pain.

Four, it combats inflammation through its CBD component introducing anti-inflammatory properties in the body, causing activities that promote inflammation to occur to seize while terpenes components introduce beta-carophyllene product necessary to fight inflammation.

Five, the strain treats insomnia through its body high eliciting laziness, and sedative effects after three to four puffs make it impossible for one to stay awake. Buy Banana Kush (AAAA+) – Agro Chemical Labs

The banana Kush strain elicits various positive reactions. First, it makes a user relaxed by providing the body and mind with clarity and a warm and fuzzy atmosphere that releases relaxing and soothing properties to clear the mind and remove tension from the body. Buy Banana Kush (AAAA+) – Agro Chemical Labs

Second, it makes one happy by the cannabinoids in the strain acting as inhibitors in neurotransmitters facilitating the release of hormones that induce happiness, joy, and pleasure. Third, it creates euphoria by eliciting a buzz, which makes one filled with life, vibe, giggles, and vibrations of happiness. Buy Banana Kush (AAAA+) – Agro Chemical Labs

Fourth, it uplifts its users by helping them abandon their worries, instigate happiness, laughs, and grin on their faces. Fifth, it develops creativity by instilling motivation, focus, ability to think critically and thinking out of the box.

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